The Benefits of Sdn Bhd & Why You Need Boss Boleh for Your Company

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A Sendirian Berhad (Sdn Bhd) company is a private limited company that can be incorporated by both locals and foreigners in Malaysia. Sdn Bhd should be registered through Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM). To set up a Sdn Bhd company, it is required to have a minimum of 1 shareholder and a max. of 50 shareholders.


1. Separate Legal Entity & Limited Liability

Shareholders of Sdn Bhd are not liable for the company’s debts beyond the amount of the share capital they have endorsed. The shareholders would never have to pay off the company’s debts using personal assets

2. Tax Advantages

With Sdn Bhd, there would be tax-saving benefits. Individual tax rates can go up to 30%; but the corporate tax rate for a Sdn Bhd is only 24%! (For a company with a capital of less than RM2.5m, the business will only be taxed based on profit before tax with the first RM600,000 at 17%

3. Income Tax Rebate

Local Sdn Bhd Company can apply for Income Tax Rebate from the Malaysian Government. Under the PENJANA program, new businesses that are established and operate from 1st July 2020 to 31st December 2021 will be entitled to an Income Tax Rebate* of up to RM20,000 for 3 consecutive years. (T&C apply)

4. Better Access to Bank Loan

Usually, banks would be willing to provide loans and capital investment for a Sdn Bhd company. Sdn Bhd is the most reliable corporate structure by the banks hence it is easier to obtain loans at lower rates from the banks.

5. Ease in The Transfer of Ownership

The ownership of a Sdn Bhd company is transferable. The company would not cease to exist just because of some changes in the status of the owner (i.e bankruptcy, death or resignation). Sdn Bhd Companies continue to exist through the transfer of shares

6. Condition for Establishment is Simple

  • Determine the name of the company
  • Determine the nature of the business
  • Must have at least 1 shareholder and 1director
  • Minimum paid-up capital of RM1 (RM100 recommended)

7. Ease in Employee Recruitment (Local/Overseas)

Sdn Bhd is highly beneficial to talent recruitment. Talents are more willing to work in Sdn Bhd companies because Sdn Bhd is relatively stable in comparison with other business structures. It is also easier to recruit talent from abroad.

8. Greater Potential for Expansion

The good reputation of Sdn Bhd has enabled the company to have better access to capital funding, tender, and finding partners. Sdn Bhd companies will have a better supply of financial resources, hence greater potential for company growth.


Reminder: According to the Companies Act 2016, a Sdn Bhd company is required to appoint at least one (1) company secretary. The company secretary acts as the official liaison party on behalf of the company to communicate with SSM.


Unlike the traditional way of registering a Sdn Bhd company. Boss Boleh is utilizing cloud technology to provide company secretary service to suit the convenience of entrepreneurs especially in the process of registering an SSM-approved Sdn Bhd company.


  • Fast and Simple – with Boss Boleh, you can complete the company registration process with just a few clicks by spending not more than 10 minutes and no paperwork required!

  • Very convenient – No more going around to just get things done. You can now complete the registration process at home and avoid unnecessary contact with others. Digital signatures and electronic Know-Your-Client (e-KYC) will be used to save resources.

  • Instant company name search – Already have a company name in mind? But worry that your desired company name has been taken? You can do instant company name an unlimited number of times and it is free!

  • Better document security – With cloud technology, you can keep and secure your documents on our Boss Boleh online platform. You won’t habe to worry about losing important documents anymore!

  • Affordable price – At least RM2,000 would be required to register a company, using the traditional way. To encourage fellow entrepreneurs to start up their business, Boss Boleh is offering the services at registration fee at only RM1,499. Inclusive of SSM fees. Most companies do not actually need the company secretary services all year long, yet they paying the same amountg as other companies? The lowest fee required for Boss Boleh Cloud Company Secretary is only RM38/month!

  • Transparent pricing & no hidden cost ­– Why pay extra when you only required minimum service? Additional fees would be charged only when additional services are required! Pricing transparency & fee disclosure guranteed!

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