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Incorporate your SDN. BHD. company online with us | Safe, Secure and Trusted | 100% Online



Lower fees & transparent pricing


Pay only when you need extra resolutions


Ask for advise via WhatsApp support


Download Company SSM forms anytime


Fast response time


Use your own Auditor / Tax Agent / Accountant


Instant request for CTC online anytime

New Incorporation Pricing

A one-time fee to pay for officially and legally start a Company. We offer a transparent pricing with peace of mind. Here’s why entrepreneurs chose Boss Boleh:

  • Include Government (SSM) Fees

  • Lower fees & transparent pricing

  • Pay only when you need extra resolutions

  • Ask for advise via WhatsApp support

  • Download Company SSM forms anytime

  • Instant request for CTC online anytime

  • Use your own Auditor / Tax Agent / Accountant

We’re flexible. You can choose to use your own Auditor / Tax Agent. If you do not have one, we can recommend. RM 1499 covers Government (SSM) fees.

What's included

  • Include Government (SSM) Fees

  • Online Register & Digital Signature

  • Register Online

  • Upload IC Online

  • Opening of Bank Account

  • Auditor & Tax Agent of Your Choice

Best Deal!
1499 MYR / Company

Boss Boleh vs Others Company Secretaries

No catch, no heavy T&Cs, no traps. It is common for other firms to bundle in multiple services and call it "Under one roof". In such cases, they offer some services below market rate but overcharge on other services that you're forced to subscribe to once you're onboard.

But not Boss Boleh, we focus on what we do best, which is providing you with Company Secretary services.

Pricing plan comparison
Boss Boleh Advantage Other Company Secretary Accounting Firms

Government Fees

Fees officially charged by SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia).
RM 1,010 Hidden Below Market Price

Incorporation Fees

We save you the hassle, help to prepare necessary documents and submit for you.
RM 489 RM 3000 Below Market Price

Auditor / Tax Agent

Appointing an Auditor / Tax Agent is necessary, but it's flexible.
*We can recommend
> RM 5000
*Force to take theirs
> RM 10,000
*Force to take theirs

Annual Retainer Fees

RM 38/mth > RM 80/mth > RM 100/mth
Total Cost for Company Incorporation

RM 1,499

*No hidden fees

> RM 8,000

*Excluding hidden fees and surprises

> RM 10,000

*Excluding hidden fees and surprises

Company Secretary Service Plan

All plans are paid annually.


RM 38 /month

Suitable for settled company structures, pay for services only when you need it.

  • Licensed Company Secretary

  • Registered Office Address

  • Secure Digital Identity & Signature

  • Access eLearning Platform

  • Access to Boss Boleh Platform


RM 180 /month

Suitable for companies with very high activities,dedicated access to consultantation. All-inclusive

  • All Features In Startup Plan

  • Priority Lane

  • Unlimited Standard Resolutions*

  • FOC Annual Return worth RM 450

  • FOC Filling Audited Report to SSM RM 150

*Standard Resolutions under Category I & II

Boss, make the right choice

Choose Boss Boleh

We invest in the AI and cutting edge technology to automate processes, It's less time to get things done that means huge savings for you as the business owner.

  • Integrated with SSM

  • Licence company secretary

  • Competitive pricing

  • Self service

  • Fast processing

  • No hidden fees

  • Starting at RM 38/month

  • Other services recommendation available:
  • Accounting / Bookkeeping Service

  • Auditor

  • Tax Agent

  • Business Advisory

  • Software Bundle

Our Advantage

We’re all about going digital and use of technology to run things. Boss Boleh is the perfect choice for entrepreneurs who are looking for the most affordable way to start their own company and manage it all online.

  • Cheapest way to incorporate your Sdn Bhd company
  • Use digital signature
  • Access SSM documents online anytime, anywhere
  • Request CTC & Payment online
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Request for secretarial service online
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