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If you’re looking to incorporate a company, this is the first thing you’ll need to do.

New Company Incorporation

RM 1,955

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*Includes all Government (SSM) fees

Company Secretary Service Plan

Flexible pricing. Starting from RM 38 / month. All plans are paid annually.

After incorporating a company, you are required to appoint a Company Secretary (in accordance to the Companies Act).


RM 38 /month

Just Starting or Dormant (Malaysian Only)

  • Licensed Company Secretary

  • Registered Office Address

  • Secure Digital Identity & Signature

  • Access eLearning Platform

  • Access to Boss Boleh Platform


RM 180 /month

For The Unlimited (Foreigner & Malaysian)

  • All Features In RM 38 Startup Plan

  • Priority Lane

  • Unlimited Standard Resolutions*

  • FOC Annual Return worth RM 450

  • FOC Filling Audited Report to SSM RM 150

*Standard Resolutions under Category I & II

Detailed Plan Comparison

Plans Startup Ultimate
Appointment of Licensed Company Secretary for Your Company
Registered Office Address
Maintenance of Statutory Record & Minutes Books
Certified True Copies (CTC) FREE 10 sets / month
Despatch & Courier Charges FREE (West Malaysia)
Despatch & Courier Charges
Printing & Phone Charges
Priority Lane
Standard Resolutions From RM 100 / request Unlimited *Category I & II
Annual Return & Audited Financial Statement Submission (Includes SSM Fees) RM 600 / year FREE

Standard Resolutions

Category I
FREE for Ultimate Plan (Unlimited)
Opening Of Bank Account (FREE bank account opening for OCBC Bank) RM 100 / request
Opening Of FOREX/FD accounts RM 100 / request
Change Of Address Of Accounting Records/Business Address RM 100 / request
Application Of Internet Banking Services RM 100 / request
Change of Bank Authorized Signatory/Maker/Checker RM 100 / request
Acceptance Of Banking Facilities RM 200 / request
Appointment Of First Auditor And Tax Agent RM 100 / request
Increase Initial Share Capital (with no changes in share structure) RM 100 / request
Consent To Use Name RM 100 / request
Fixing/change Of Financial Year End RM 100 / request
Category II
FREE for Ultimate Plan (Unlimited)
Purchase/disposal Of Motor Vehicle RM 100 / request
Purchase/disposal Of Machinery And Other Assets RM 100 / request
Purchase/disposal Of Property RM 200 / request
Change Of Director’s Particular RM 100 / request
Appointment Of Next Of Kin RM 200 / request
Resolution For Standard Tenancy Agreement RM 100 / request
Change Of Nature Of Business RM 200 / request
Change Of Secretary And Registered Office RM 100 / request
Appointment/Resignation Of Auditor or Tax Agent RM 200 / request
Removal Of Director RM 200 / request
Appointment/Resignation of Director RM 100 / request
Appointment Of Corporate Representative RM 200 / request
Request For Extension Of Time (EOT) (Include SSM Fee) RM 200 / request
Exempt Private Company (EPC) (Include SSM Fee) RM 700 / request
Preparation & Submission Of Beneficiary Owner RM 100 / shareholder
**Ultimate Plan - FOC up to 5 shareholders per year
Share Transfer
(Includes stamp duty charges of RM 10 & below)
RM 200 / shareholder + RM 100 / request
**Ultimate Plan - FOC up to 1 time (2 shareholders) per year
Chargeable Service Requests
These services are chargeable one-time upon request
Change of company name RM 500 / request
Allotment of Shares from RM 300 / request
Declaration of dividend from RM 300 / request
Capital reduction (Including advertisement fees*) RM 5,000 / request
Strike off of a dormant company RM 2,500 / request
Abolish existing Constitution (FKA Memorandum and Articles of Association) RM 300 / request
Adoption and Lodgement of a new standard Constitution with SSM
(Include Company Seal RM 200)
RM 1,000 / request
CTC by Secretary RM 10 / document
Express Filing (Excluding SSM charge) RM 200 / request
Attendance in meeting (Excluding disbursements & Out-of-Pocket Expenses) RM 300 / hour
Preparation of minutes RM 200 / meeting
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