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New Company Incorporation

RM 1,499

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*Includes all Government (SSM) fees

Company Secretary Service Plan

Flexible pricing. Starting from RM 38 / month. All plans are paid annually.

After incorporating a company, you are required to appoint a Company Secretary (in accordance to the Companies Act).


RM 38 /month

Just Starting or Dormant (Malaysian Only)

  • Licensed Company Secretary

  • Registered Office Address

  • Secure Digital Identity & Signature

  • Access eLearning Platform

  • Access to Boss Boleh Platform


RM 180 /month

For The Unlimited (Foreigner & Malaysian)

  • All Features In RM 38 Startup Plan

  • Priority Lane

  • Unlimited Standard Resolutions*

  • FOC Annual Return worth RM 450

  • FOC Filling Audited Report to SSM worth RM 150

*Standard Resolutions under Category I & II

Detailed Plan Comparison

Plans RM 38 Startup RM 180 Ultimate
Appointment of Licensed Company Secretary for Your Company
Registered Office Address
Maintenance of Statutory Record & Minutes Books
Printing & Phone Charges
Priority Lane
Certified True Copies (CTC) RM 10 / set FREE 10 sets / month
Despatch & Courier Charges (RM 10/kg : WM ; RM 20/kg : EM) RM 10 / kg FREE
Bank Resolutions RM 100 / request FREE
Other Resolutions (Category I & II) From RM 100 / request FREE
Annual Return Filling (Includes SSM Fees) RM 450 / year FREE
Audited Financial Statement Filling (Includes SSM Fees) RM 150 / year FREE
Preparation & Submission Of Beneficiary Owner (Annually) RM 100 / shareholder FREE 5 shareholders / year

Standard Resolutions

Category I
FREE for Ultimate Plan (Unlimited)
Opening Of Bank Account (FREE bank account opening for OCBC Bank) RM 100 / request
Opening Of FOREX/FD accounts RM 100 / request
Change Of Address Of Accounting Records/Business Address RM 100 / request
Application Of Internet Banking Services RM 100 / request
Change of Bank Authorized Signatory/Maker/Checker RM 100 / request
Acceptance Of Banking Facilities RM 200 / request
Appointment Of First Auditor And Tax Agent RM 100 / request
Increase Initial Share Capital (with no changes in share structure) RM 100 / request
Consent To Use Name RM 100 / request
Fixing/change Of Financial Year End RM 100 / request
Category II
FREE for Ultimate Plan (Unlimited)
Purchase/disposal Of Motor Vehicle RM 100 / request
Purchase/disposal Of Machinery And Other Assets RM 100 / request
Purchase/disposal Of Property RM 200 / request
Change Of Director’s Particular RM 100 / request
Appointment Of Next Of Kin RM 200 / request
Resolution For Standard Tenancy Agreement RM 100 / request
Change Of Nature Of Business RM 200 / request
Change Of Secretary And Registered Office RM 100 / request
Appointment/Resignation Of Auditor or Tax Agent RM 200 / request
Removal Of Director RM 200 / request
Appointment/Resignation of Director RM 100 / request
Appointment Of Corporate Representative RM 200 / request
Request For Extension Of Time (EOT) (Include SSM Fee) RM 200 / request
Exempt Private Company (EPC) (Include SSM Fee) RM 700 / request
Preparation & Submission Of Beneficiary Owner (Annually) RM 100 / shareholder
**Ultimate Plan - FOC up to 5 individual shareholders per year**
Preparation & Submission Of Beneficiary Owner (BO) with the initial adoption of BO Policy RM 250
**Ultimate Plan - FOC up to 5 individual shareholders**
Share Transfer
(Includes stamp duty charges of RM 10 & below)
RM 200 / shares transfer form + RM 100 / request
**Ultimate Plan - FOC up to 1 time (2 shareholders) per year**
Chargeable Service Requests
These services are chargeable one-time upon request
Change of company name (Include SSM Fee) RM 500 / request
Allotment of Shares from RM 300 / request
Declaration of dividend from RM 300 / request
Capital reduction (Including advertisement fees*) RM 5,000 / request
Strike off of a dormant company with E & C tax file number RM 3,000 / request
Strike off of a dormant company RM 2,500 / request
Abolish existing Constitution (FKA Memorandum and Articles of Association) RM 300 / request
Adoption and Lodgement of a new standard Constitution with SSM
(Include Company Seal RM 200)
RM 1,000 / request
CTC by Secretary- SSM Forms RM 10 / set
CTC by Secretary - Annual Return RM 15 / set
CTC by Secretary - AFS RM 20 / set
CTC by Secretary - Constitution/M&A RM 10 / set
Express Filing (Excluding SSM charge) RM 200 / request
Attendance in meeting (Excluding disbursements & Out-of-Pocket Expenses) RM 300 / hour
Preparation of minutes RM 200 / meeting
We shall have the right to modify, update or amend the terms, pricing and information of this page at any time without prior notice and this is not an exclusive list. Should you have any queries or concerns, welcome to talk to us.
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