2 Ways to Register A Sdn. Bhd. Company in Malaysia

You’re probably here because you decided on starting a new business and wondering how to register a Sdn. Bhd. online in Malaysia. 


You can register online, hassle-free and fast. 

  1. 100% online via BossBoleh.com – RM 1,499 (Verify your identity online using eKYC) 
  1. 50% online via SSM’s MyCoID – RM 1,010 (You’ll still need to queue up at SSM office for verification 

We will not be comparing the differences of a Company versus Sole Proprietorship, Conventional Partnership or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). 

The long version: 

Do you know all the important elements that are needed before registering your Sdn. Bhd. business? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We have put together a list of 5 key factors to address before starting your business just for you. 

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METHOD 1: Registering via Company Secretary (Online) 

Step 1 

Type your preferred company name in the search box and click “Check Availability” button. If you see a green alert message, that means the name is not found in SSM and you may proceed to click on “Register Now!” button.

Do take note that your preferred company name is still subject to SSM’s approval. We will contact you if it happens and you may pick another name without any charges. 

Step 2 

Register for a free user account or login if you already have an account.

Step 3 

Pick a Company Secretarial Plan

Step 4 

Choose your payment method (Credit Card / FPX) and fill in the details to complete payment.

After payment is made, you may proceed to fill in the remaining information like Directors and Shareholders, etc. Once all the information is provided, the Company Secretary will take it up with SSM and inform you when the incorporation is successful. 

Register My Company Now 

METHOD 2: Register Directly with SSM 

  1. Register for an account at SSM’s MyCoID System. 
  1. Visit SSM branch in person to perform biometric verification. Prepare for long queue wait times. 
  1. Wait for verification confirmation, then login to MyCoID and select Direct Incorporation. 
  1. Make a payment of RM 1,010 and wait for approval. 

This method is the cheapest option, but you’ll be on your own. There’s no detailed guidance on how to fill up the details. 

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