8 Things You Must Know To Start a Clubhouse

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What is Clubhouse?

It is an invitation-only audio-based and a new type of social media app, allowing people to talk everywhere, tell stories, and meet interesting people worldwide.

1. How does Clubhouse work?

Here are a few more resources:

  • New User Orientations — Wednesdays at 6 PM PT.
  • Clubhouse Town Halls — Sundays at 9 AM PT.
    • It is a session involves international users, they will try to let people understand what is in their mind and answer your questions too.
  • Ask someone
    • They created a good resource for people to ask your questions.

2. How can I get access to invites?

Clubhouse will allocate invites automatically based on contribution to the community for those who is keep hosting great conversations, joining the discussion, and inviting other great contributors, and invites will automatically appear in your account ! When you have more invites available, you will get an in-app notification.

3. I sent an invite, but they never got it, help!

If you were not able to complete sending the imessage, please note, once you tap "invite" on the invite screen, the contract is immediately pre-approved, and the invite is "spent". Even if you do not send the imessage they will still be able to download the app and join.

Confirm the phone number is correct (just ask the invitee)! Then, check your phone contact book to make sure the correct number is saved.

Then, have your invitees try these steps: 
If this still doesn't work, you may click “contact us and include 1) inviter's username (@handle) 2) invitee's name 3) invitee's phone no. 4) screenshots of errors received. Clubhouse support may assist you on your issues.

4. Can I take back an invite or redirect it once sent?

Unfortunately, you are not allow to cancel, rescind, or redirect invites once sent, so we ask that you check with invitees before sending that they are interested in joining, on IOS, and that you have the correct phone number. For context on invites in general, we have moved to automatically giving out invites to reward members' contributions in the community.

5. Here is how to get your club set up in-app:

  • Navigate to your profile page and scroll to the “Member of” section near the bottom.
  • There you will see a “+” sign to the right of your last club badge (note: if you are a member of many clubs, you will have to scroll to the end of your club list to locate the plus).
  • Tap the icon and create your club!
Note that you will only be able to create one club at a time and you will not be able to delete a club directly in-app, so choose wisely and be thoughtful !

6. Can I change my username (@handle)?

Yes, you may download the latest app version to enjoy this feature.

To do this, just go to your profile and tap your existing username. Please note you can only do this once, as Clubhouse want to make sure that people on Clubhouse always know who they are talking with, so choose wisely.

7. Can I change my name?

Clubhouse is a real name service, but occasionally people enter their names incorrectly on sign up. To help with this, Clubhouse have added the ability to make a **one-time correction to your Full Name** in the app.

If you are an artist who is publicly known by your creator name, you can now **add your Creator Name** in the app so that people in rooms with you know what to call you.

To make a one-time correction to your Full Name (or if you are a public figure, to make a one-time addition of your Creator Name), just tap your name on your user profile and select the appropriate option.

8. Can I change the phone number on my account?

Unfortunately, Clubhouse do not have a way to change the phone number on an account right now. They are working on making it possible to keep your account or transfer it in upcoming releases. Here is some additional info to help right now:

  • If you can keep access to both phone numbers at once, Clubhouse are hoping to be able to manually change it for you soon and will have more info on this soon.
  • If you’ve already lost access to the old phone number, Clubhouse unfortunately would not be able to transfer your old account to your new phone number.
  • The fastest way to make sure you still have access to Clubhouse if your phone number changes is to create a new account (it will be a blank slate!). Reminder that Clubhouse have a one person – one account policy, so maintaining two accounts is against their guidelines.

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