Download Your Free Copy of EA Form / Borang EA in Excel

If you have a job or have been employed before, you should have come across this little piece of paper called the EA form. Every time before the tax season comes around, you will see everyone scrambling around the Human Resource teams’ office trying to get their own.

For everyone who has no idea what EA forms are, let us break it down for you. 

The EA form is a Yearly Remuneration Statement that includes your salary for the past year. You will need to refer to this to file personal taxes during tax season. (When you do your annual e-Filing at LHDN)

“every employer shall, for each year, prepare and render to his employee statement of remuneration of that employee on or before the last day of February in the year immediately following the first mentioned year”.

Section 83(1A) Income Tax Act 1967

As an employer, this will be your responsibility to ensure that the rest of your employees get their forms by the month of February every year.

Starting in year 2018, the Malaysian Business Reporting System (MBRS) allows employers to submit all financial reports at the end of the year including EA forms to SSM.

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