How to start a Spa business in Malaysia

In Malaysia, the beauty spa and wellness sector are growing quickly. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, more than half of spa businesses had to close, however spa owners and providers persisted in doing what they do best. 

Spa businesses typically offer services like health massage, physical therapy, or water therapy to balance the body and the mind. The spa industry may generate decent profit margins thanks to an infinite range of consumers who want to be pampered and relieved of tension. It is also a modern breed of business; thus, it is not needed to follow traditional business practices. It’s a great opportunity to launch a spa business if you are ready to do so! 

Ancient Practice 

The priority of the activities in the very first spas, those that existed in Greek and Roman eras, was on the water. A spa may offer anything from massages to facials to cosmetic procedures to muscular relaxation. These were frequently practiced in the past to assure perfect physical and mental wellness. Since we no longer practice traditional wellness, we need to schedule time and spend the money on these services to ease the tension that has built up in our bodies. Consequently, if you open a spa business in Malaysia, you may expect to make a respectable profit margin. 


Today’s society commonly defines a spa to be a health resort where people go to relax and refresh their body, mind, and soul. Today, there are many different types of spas, including day spas, hotel spas, and medical spas. Modern spas provide a wide range of services, from those intended to promote relaxation to cosmetic procedures and even medical treatments. If you want to start a spa business in Malaysia, you could choose to provide traditional or modern treatments. 

Start a Spa Business in 6 Steps 

Step 1: Begin with business plan 

Drafting a business plan is essential. It will lead you to your objective and assist in setting up your priorities and strategies. The following actions are part of a business plan: 

  • Decide a name for your spa  
  • Create your brand by choosing a logo, color scheme, typography, and photographs 

Step 2: Pick the spa treatments you’ll offer 

According to the International Spa Association (ISPA), a business qualifies as a spa if it provides spa-goers with at least two of the following services: 

  • Skincare, including cosmetics;  
  • Massage care;  
  • Body treatments (includes salon services and hair removal) 

Step 3: Determine the spa equipment you’ll require 

Step 4: Identify your target audience 

Step 5: Getting an ideal location 

Step 6: Prepare your financial plan 

The following should be included in the financial plan: 

  • Estimated budget;  
  • Financial projections for the next five years;  
  • Estimated profit margins and liabilities;  
  • Length of time needed for your spa to break even 

We have laid down the basics of starting a spa business. If you’re really keen on starting one, you should also check out the link below covering the guidelines, criteria and more info you need to know to complete your spa setup.

Get your license for the required authorities after the spa setup is complete so that you can start doing business. 

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