Matslo Group Sdn Bhd

Matslo Group is a holding company which controls most of the F&B businesses that Hafizi, the owner, holds. Specialising in pizza and other beverages, they already have four existing branches but saw the opportunity in transforming their once enterprise into a sdn bhd.

Why open a Sdn Bhd during the pandemic?

Before diving into the F&B industry, Hafizi was once a business development manager. However, since the pandemic, his previous company went into a retrenchment, resulting in him setting up his own sdn bhd. Started as an enterprise, Hafizi’s enterprise-turned-sdn-bhd now stands tall and proud with the perks a sdn bhd has to offer.

What was the biggest challenge when opening a sdn bhd?

There were multiple challenges Hafizi had to go through, and one of the most notable one was law and regulations as he had to manage and comply with the rules. 

Would you advise people to open a sdn bhd?

It all boils down to whether you have a vision and goal in mind. “Any viable idea can be expanded with a sdn bhd, as even the smallest idea can be big,” Hafizi proudly said.

How does Matslo Group reach out to their clients?

Artisan Made under Matslo Group has a few outlets around the Selangor and KL area. They provide fresh, warm pizza paired with your preferred drink. Their next branch, Pizza and Coffee Co., will open at Southgate KL soon, so be sure to check them out!

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